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I have updated many of my IOS apps to add social sharing. You can now post your weather, raob, or soon your river charts and wave charts to your favorite social media site such as Twitter or Facebook. You can follow my posts on Twitter (which are few and far between), I am @livefreeord.

To those that have purchased my software, I say many thanks. Please let me know what you think. If you have ideas for making things better, I will do my best to make it happen. I think all my software serves a purpose, I have designed it for me, then as people let me know what they think, I've made modifications to satisify the requests. My software is very modestly priced. I think I describe what my software does pretty well so you are getting exactly what is described. If you don't think it is as advertised, let me know. If you have purchased my software, please leave a review.

I have recently updated GardenCal
GardenCal screenshot

I made two adjustments, one visible, one internal. The visible change is that you can print from the query window. The internal change is a change of the database from XML to SQLite. I hope to have an IOS version available soon and I want to share data between the desktop and mobile versions. Of course I am busy in my garden so it may take me a bit of time to get this all worked out.

I started this Mac and IOS programming effort becasue I did not like the way weather forecasts were presented. The restult is the image below, a weather forecast the way I like to see it, no ads, no funky smiling sunshine, no dancing umbrellas. Just the weather in an easy to see graphical form. Take a look at what I have to offer (with the software tab above) and if you're so inclined, leave me a message, or hopefully pick up my software and leave a review. Thanks,

RiverPoint screenshot

This site is a change in progress. Leave me an email if you have any comments/suggestions. I like constructive critisism. Not that I will do what you ask, but if it makes sense and others will gain from your suggestion, I'll do my best to implement your idea. You can contact me at

My current software offerings are available through the Apple App store.

For the Mac Desktop I have...

For the iPhone and iPad I have...
PinPointWxr (iPad only)

I plan on keeping a blog to let you know what I am working on, you can get to this blog at...

Stay tuned, I'll clean up this web site one small piece at a time,

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